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What we do

DomainJig helps people search for great domain names. That's all we do. We don't offer registration or hosting plans ourselves, because there are plenty good providers for that (and we refer people to them).

What makes a great domain name?

A great domain name brings lots of good customers to a web site. There are two parts to this: customer qualification and website selling. At a high level, a great domain name ...

  • ... accurately describes what the web site offers
  • ... matches the web site's personality and tone
  • ... is easy to remember, type, and pronounce
  • ... is available for purchase at a reasonable price

Our ideas page has more on this and some examples of great domain names.

Why we built DomainJig

Coming up with a good name for a business or product is difficult. With so many obvious domain names already bought and unavailable, it takes creativity to discover a fresh name. We struggled through this challenge while building other web services, and spent a lot of time on it. We sought out creative ideas from a variety of sources, and then once we had a good idea, often found that it was not available. Each part of the cycle took time, and we got impatient. To save time we automated both the creative part and the availability check as a web service. We believe we've put together the fastest, most creative domain name suggestion tool on the Internet.

How it works

DomainJig starts with a few source idea words (from you), and then comes up with variations on those original words. It considers synonyms, rhymes, and other potential substitutes to create a large list of alternate domain names. The list gets prioritized based on the characteristics of great domain names (which we described above). All of this happens instantly, so that the person typing can see the suggestions as quickly as possible. Once the suggestions appear, DomainJig checks to see which of them are available for purchase. This process repeats whenever a new set of words gets typed into the search box or one of the suggestions is clicked.

How we make money

If someone buys a domain after clicking on the "Buy It" button on our web site, we get a payment from the domain name registrar as a referral fee. This doesn't change the price paid by the person for the domain.

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